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Mini vMac が、iPhone / iPod touch に移植されています。


かつて Mac を買った動機の一つの Sim City 動きました。
HyperCard とか動くんでしょうか?The Manhole とか Cosmic Osmo とか動いたら嬉しいですね。

4 Responses to “68kMac on iPhone / iPod touch!”

  1. Eve Reid Says:

    i played the original SimCity in the 90’s and until now i still play the latest version of SimCity’*~

  2. Depression Treatment  Says:

    SimCity is the best, so damn addicting game. i used to play the original version when i was just a kid*”:

  3. Gold Detector : Says:

    the original version of Sim City is quite funny because of the very poor graphics compared to the latest release of Sim City~`,

  4. Trike Motorcycles Says:

    SimCity is a classic city simulator game which i used to play in the early 90’s (the original version) ~-:

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